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NYC Climate Mobilization Act Recognizes Passive House as Key Approach to Reducing Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Staying Warm and Cozy this Winter with a Passive House
*Happy Holidays from all of us at JPDA!*
Adam Smith's Texas Harley-Davidson Grand Opening
Harley-Davidson Dealership Re-Design Challenges
Passive House in Boerum Hill
How We Used Dance Notation to Develop a Conceptual Model for DSPAC
We love anaglypta wallpaper!
Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center
Clove Lakes Medical Office Progress
Passive House is the Future
First look at DSPAC's custom mosaic tiles
Benzine and Boardwalk
Spreading the Light at BHH II
BHH II Skylights Installed
Framing wraps up at BHH II
Boerum Hill House II Design Walkthru
Boerum Hill House II [BHHII] Construction Underway
Rio +20 and Brand Responsibility
Battery Park gets some storage
Light through the layers.
Marcel Breuer Digital Archive
Can architecture really be to blame?
Ron Johnson's 'Think Different' Moment
Samsung hopes to take storefront interactivity to a new level
Milburn house down to its guts.
JPDA's O2 Dublin Brand Experience is published in Night Fever 2
Maglev Train
Affordable Housing in India
Something To Lighten The Mood
68 Jay Street Open Studios - The Morning After
13 Book d' Autore
Pepsico Headquarters - Edward Durrell Stone
Beautifully Directed Music Videos
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