USA, New York, Brooklyn

- 2009
A backyard oasis on the edge of downtown Brooklyn.
A continuous handrail at the deck provides a frame for planter boxes and suspended vertical gardening.
New steps descending from the deck are suspended over the koi pond and chicken run below.
A steel and wood framed vine trellis shades the outdoor dining area and the adjacent chicken coop.

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Sean Karns

Ten years after selling his house in the suburbs and buying a city townhouse, the client decided it was time to tame his overgrown backyard and expand the living and entertaining space in his owner's duplex. The twist - the client was on the cusp of the urban farming movement, and the yard would also be home to tomatoes, grape vines, and a flock of hens. JPDA worked closely with the client to create a solution that would provide an elegant and low-maintenance growing environment, as well as a new deck and three-season porch over a glass-walled addition below. The yard design incorporates built-in seating and planters, a koi pond, and a steel trellis structure. A carefully integrated chicken coop and enclosed run satisfies all local ordinances, while allowing for easy access to eggs, and sustainable reuse of droppings as garden fertilizer.