USA, Connecticut, Stamford

- 2012
The Train Station as Information Hub and Urban Beacon
The project re-imagines the train station is as both an informational network hub and an urban beacon. The STC serves as the core of a larger distributed system - collecting data, interacting with visitors and residents, and transmitting a stream of visual data to reflect the continued growth and progressive development of Stamford as a vital incubator and destination for business and pleasure.
Stamford Beacons activates the facades of the Stamford Transportation Center with a dynamic digitally controlled lighting installation, reflecting the ever-changing dynamism and creative vibrancy of the city.
During the day, the Stamford Beacons collects data representing the life of the city: traffic, sounds, colors, movement, numbers, weather patterns, for example. At the same time, the back-end collects light compositions – patterns of light that are created by the community through web-enabled smartphones and a user-friendly online interface. After dusk the day’s history is displayed through an ever-evolving language of light and pattern. This dance is composed collaboratively from the day’s data and from compositions created by the community; displayed on two 121’ x 20’ walls comprised of 32 individually controllable illuminated triangles.
Stamford Beacons are also influenced real-time, fluttering as if in the wind as trains pass in and out of the station. The installation interactively responds to exterior stimuli such as weather, train movement, station traffic, time of day, and sky brightness. The project will also produce unique patterns of color and sequences to reflect the seasons, holidays, time of day, historic dates as well as community events. In case of an emergency, the Beacons becomes a large scale visual warning system for travelers and residents.