Online and Installation

- 2010
The Shape of Change project creates an online archive of American & Iraqi desire for political change.
A unique interface invites visitors to add to the database, and highlights connections and geographical locations.

Design Team

Sean Karns Jordan Parnass

JPDA worked with artist Melanie Crean to develop the interface and installation strategy for a multi-media interactive artwork entitled Shape of Change. The project investigates how American and Iraqi people represent personal and political change through two works:

The first is an online archive that tracks citizens' desire for political change as the two countries attempt to disengage from one another politically.

The second project is a smaller work documenting an infant's early development as he learns to walk and speak, and thus establish himself as an independent social subject.

The projects serve as a counterpoint to one another to create a portrait of the ephemeral nature of change, independence and formation of identity.