USA, San Juan, Puerto Rico

- 2000

Design Team

Jordan Parnass

A glowing gateway to San Juan, the Portal Beacon Monument commemorates the aspirations and ambitions of twenty-first century Puerto Rico. Occupying a prime site in Third Millenium Park, the monument faces due north, framing the view towards the mainland, as well as providing a welcoming beacon for the thousands of ships and airplanes that arrive each year.

The monument stands 100m tall, and incorporates a continuous internal passenger conveyance system, as well as an observation deck and exterior performance platform. The structure is a series of connected tubular steel trusses, clad in concrete, glass, and perforated metal.

Occupying a prominent site within the park, the monument acts as more than a static symbol – its raised platform hosting formal and impromptu performances, and its stairs serving as both a social gathering place, and a venue for quiet contemplation.

The monument is designed to be assembled using conventional construction techniques. The steel frames are assembled on the ground and then hoisted into vertical position.