UK, Greenwich Peninsula, London

- 2007
A new model for experience-based telecom retail.
Staff can show visitors how to browse and download music.
Staff can show visitors how to take and print photos.
Speakerpots provide the visitor with an idea of what’s to come inside the store.
Constructed with reclamated wooden railroad ties.
A quirky mix of furniture arranged on artificial grass rugs.
Visitors interact with the worktable, listening to music and creating ringtones.
Music worktable and
Photo worktable and inflatable neon wall
Guru Bar
Sign-up Lounge
Music worktable

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Miguel McKelvey, Randy Plemel, Sean Karns


Client design team: Raichelle Weller, Matt Stevenson; Lighting + Inflatables: Christopher Rowell, Architen Landrell


Primary Contractor: Bedford and Havenhand, Lighting + Inflatables: Architen Landrell, Worktables, Speaker Pots, Recycling, Trees: Meticulous


David Churchill

The O2 Concept Store was conceived as a physical embodiment of the O2 brand sensibility and a showcase for the company’s core services. The space is organized around the practical integration of O2 into the daily activities of the visitor, emphasizing the accessibility and creative lifestyle exclusively available through O2.

The core of the store experience consists of the four interactive worktables - Photo, Video, Music, and Games - which are focused on specific creative activities enabled by O2 products and services. Each table is clearly identified by both a neon lamp above, and a unique base created from stacked iconic paraphernalia and accessories related to the activities.

The store is staffed by enthusiastic, creative people hired not primarily for their sales experience but rather for their interests and accomplishments in the various experiences offered at the worktables. The staff show visitors how to take and print photos, browse and download music, compose and upload ringtones and create and edit video. O2 Angels and Gurus are available to help the visitor with questions, and to guide the creative process with directed tutorials and artistic suggestions.

At the rear of the store is the lounge, where customers can sign up for services in a comfortable lowpressure environment. A patterned light gives the impression of sunlight filtering through leaves above, and silver birch trees that were scheduled to be felled by the local council, have been rescued and set in the floor to grow audio speakers instead of leaves.

The furniture is a quirky mix of modern takes on minimal, classical, and baroque themes, and is arranged on artificial grass rugs. The bar is formed from stacked wooden railroad ties, with integrated phone recharge lockers and cash tills, and serves as a central point for all customer service and purchasing activities. Behind the bar is installed a massive graphic wall that sets the O2 world against a serene forested backdrop.

The Concept Store immerses the visitor in a unique environment, which is both dynamic and tactile, combining creative high tech play with natural elemental materials and textures. The emphasis is on creative exploration, and visitors are encouraged to touch and experiment with the kit while being wowed by the dramatic surroundings.