Ireland, Dublin

- 2008
Glowing stairs lead past the Blueroom bar up to the suspended bubble seating.
Suspended bubble seating float above the white oak bar.
The floating bubble seating contrasts sharply with its historic depot setting.
Fiber-optic chandeliers twinkle and pulse above each seating area.
The bubble seating create opportunities for intimate escape from the crowds below.
The O2 Blueroom comes alive before a show
O2 Blueroom
O2 Blueroom
O2 Blueroom
O2 Blueroom
O2 Blueroom
The O2 Blueroom comes alive before a show

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Sean Karns, Anthony Moon, Danny Orenstein, Jeroen Geuens, Malin Schaedel 


Momentum Structural Engineers, HOH Consultants Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Architen Landrell Lighting Consultants, DLPKS


PJ Walls, Janus Interiors, Architen Landrell, Mercury MEP


David Churchill

Housed in a converted industrial space, The O2 Blueroom mixes ethereal translucent spheres suspended above a bar whose history has been embedded into its surfaces. Aged wood furniture populates the bar space, while a raw-metal infrastructure supports the spheres above.

The O2 Blueroom is a fun, active, exclusive environment where O2 customers can meet up before a show, relax in the floating transparent bubbles, dance to pre-show house DJs and enjoy specialty drinks without the typical queue found outside in the arena.