UK, London

- 2007
A dynamic makeover for an established UK “fast fashion” retailer.
Modular display system and graphics bring new life to New Look’s aesthetic.
The store receives a fresh look by simply changing the color palette.
Sketches for modular display systems.
Display system
Refreshed display system
Hand sketches of fixture display system

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Miguel McKelvey, Sean Karns


Collaboration with London-based advertising agency VCCP.

New Look is the largest footwear, and third largest womenswear, retailer in the UK. New Look has 590 stores in the UK and 263 stores in France. It’s competitors include H&M, Next, Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins. The average age of a New Look shopper is 30.

New Look came to JPDA to develop a new prototype for their retail stores. The new design would have to preserve the characteristic high density of garments, but propose a new overall organizational strategy alongside solutions for merchandising, lighting, fixturing and sub-branding.

Our proposal was to create an organized catalog of desirable commodities, making those commodities more desirable. The creation of smaller, easier to shop, merchandising zones, along with using color to establish an attitude, would help to direct attention. Incorporation of a "runway" merchandising concept created a spontaneous, event-like feel for announcing new products in bold creative ways.

Colors are used to call out the store’s merchandising zones, making the large, often overly stuffed environments easy to navigate and shop. Easily changeable, modular merchandising panels allow for quick refreshing of graphics and product, and allow for flexible store zoning. Large scale graphics and "runway vignettes" project a "fast fashion" aesthetic, reassuring shoppers that New Look’s product is timely and in-season.