USA, New York, New York

- 2007
A fresh identity for a multibrand boutique retailer.
Shining new light on the brand behind the brands.
Individual styles are displayed front-of-store, providing visual interest points for shoppers upon entry.
Customers can easily navigate through National Jean Company’s many brands in each distinct style zone.
The bulk of National Jean Company’s merchandise is organized and displayed for a convenient, decisive shopping experience.
Custom-made cashdesk allows for the display of special items or last-minute purchases.
Interior storefront
The Look
The Assembly
The Raw Materials

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Miguel McKelvey, Sean Karns, Darrick Borowski, Randy Plemel






Frank Oudeman

National Jean Company is a re-seller of over 150 denimwear and casual brands. Their team of experienced buyers and trend spotters spend their time discovering your new favorite brand before other boutiques and department stores, making them the leader in premium denim sales.

JPDA was directly approached by National Jean Company to redesign their upper east side location, thereby creating a template from which they could open new stores. As
a company comprised of many other successful brands, National Jean Company needed a way to stand apart from and showcase them in an alluring way.

A major part of our proposal was to unify the brand identity; in-store, online and in printed materials; to reflect what is physically happening in the store. This would provide the continuity shoppers are accustomed to. Additionally, National Jean Company was to differentiate itself from competitors by studying current fashion trends, and planning and assembling seasonal collections based on a unified aesthetic.

To achieve these goals, JPDA created distinct merchandising areas – The Look, The Assembly, and The Raw Materials – organizing the shopping experience into a logical sequence, allowing the multitude of sub-brands to speak for themselves.

The Look – displayed near the storefront, this area is set apart from store merchandise to attract passers-by and immediately connect shoppers with the brand.

The Assembly – provides individual curated areas where customers can recreate their favorite "look" for themselves, driven by brand, color, style and season.

The Raw Materials – customers who know what they want can browse a clear, organized, catalog display of cult styles or multiple variations on a popular item.