USA, Ohio, Columbus

- 2021
An new Heritage showroom upgrades the retail experience in an existing BMW Motorrad dealership by seamlessly merging lifestyle and product showcase.

Design Team

Jordan Parnass

Marijke Huelsmann

Sofia Melo

Carlos Gomez De Aguero


Fresh Design International

SP360 Store Planning

Our main goals in this project were to implement local flavor and provide a structure for community building. So we created a design that explores the fusion of city convenience with rustic comfort. 

The urban look downstairs blends smoothly with the cabin-in-the-woods feel upstairs through the concrete cladding applied on both floors.

The Lifestyle Lounge was located at the center of the mezzanine’s symmetrical layout to draw customers’ attention upstairs. Its proximity to the customization and merchandising areas allows it to serve as audience seating for dealer demonstrations, product launches, and other events.