USA, New York, New York

- 2009
An elegant, adaptable, minimalist showroom, office and design studio for the famed women's wear and shoe designer.
The rough brick walls of the existing space serve as a backdrop for austere showroom insertion.
A hidden door allows access to the office space, while other visitors are guided to the reception area.
The bright and open office space can be reconfigured on a whim.
The bright and open office space can be reconfigured on a whim.

Anticipating future growth, New York-based Fashion designers Loeffler-Randall planned to relocate their space to the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo. The aim was to create an office with two distinctive and clearly separated uses.  The showroom serves as the designer's window to the outside world, allowing buyers and editors a one-on-one with the clothes. Hidden behind the hanging wall of the showroom lies the office space, allowing swatches and inspiration to be strewn about without the need to tidy up when guests are over.

By focusing on the public spaces of the office, we were able to deliver a highly refined design while keeping the budget low. The office space benefits from off the shelf parts arranged and assembled in such a way as to appear custom.