Canada, Nation-wide

- 2011
Retail re-branding for a venerable Canadian menswear line.

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Sean Karns, Anthony Moon, Seth Embry

Canadian fashion retailer Le Chateau engaged JPDA to rebrand their namesake menswear line, which dates from 1959. We quickly concluded that the menswear needed a distinct retail environment that could stand apart from the womens clothing and better express a new brand story. The solutions put forth a clear sophisticated brand image while answering the operational needs of Le Chateau and its large existing retail estate. Some menswear stores would be free standing but the many would operate as conjoined twins of the womens shops. Fixtures would have to be modular and flexible but had to convey the brand story and not appear generic. The new identity and retail environments express the masculine, contemporary aesthetics at the heart of the Le Chateau menswear line, and have been specifically tailored to address men's lifestyles and shopping habits.