Japan, Tokyo

- 2009
Interior rendering

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Sean Karns, Jeroen Geuens

Labyrinth is an immersion into a glossy, seductive, process of exploration.  It is a journey pairing the feelings of mysterious uncertainty with exclusivity, privilege and voyeurism, turning the familiar shopping ritual into an interactive narrative exposition.

 -   - -  

At first glance, all that is visible are the reflections on the mirrored walls and floor.  Upon entering the space, the shopper’s steps cause both the floor segments and adjacent glass walls to become illuminated.  The lights reveal that behind the smoked mirror glass are merchandising vitrines containing mannequins and garments styled in the manner of film stills.

As if stealthily spying on a progression of biographical snapshots, each step illuminates a new chapter of the labyrinth’s narrative.  Sleek, polished surfaces reflect ghosted images of fellow patrons, whose silhouettes begin to meld with those on display.

The roles of spectator and participant are in a constant state of flux, sporadically interrupted by the introduction of each merchandised scene.

While patrons retrace their steps towards the entrance - the display cases remain unchanged, yet the overall experience is liquid – fluctuating with the reactions of each new group of patrons.