USA, New York, New York

- 2010
JPDA's shop design turns artisan Kyoto watch-making into performance art on the Lower East Side
The intricately organized and designed workshop allows immediate access to all the tools necessary to build the watches.
The display of watches takes place on the reclaimed shop table and the illuminated douglas fir wall
The display wall opens to reveal more workshop and storage space.
The minimal storefront presents the workshop for passersby to observe the creation of watches.
A mixture of found items, brass vitrine cases and glass bell jars hold and display the watches.
The intricately organized and designed workshop allows immediate access to all t

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Sean Karns, Anthony Moon, Darrick Borowski, Michael Freimuth


Workshop Design Build, Supreme General Contracting


Sean Karns

While exploring Kyoto, the client happened upon a small shop consisting of two artisans who were busily crafting components for a collection of unique watches.

“The connection between the watches on display and the actual craft of them being made was something special.”

He decided on the spot to bring the concept to New York, and enlisted JPDA to find an appropriate location and develop a retail store and web site.

The design adapts a regional vocabulary of fine wood carpentry, rough stone and hand forged metals and reinterprets them to create a dramatic brand showcase.

The store features a meticulously crafted and highly efficient workshop area in the store windows, capitalizing on the nighttime street traffic to turn the fabrication process into a form of performance art, highlighting the unique artisanry and craft embodied in the watches.