USA, New York, New York

- 2009
Lighting and signage are integrated to help efficiently guide pedestrians. Addresses are clearly marked and entrances are indicated using a double row of illuminated panels.
Integrated streetscape amenities, including planters, bike racks, benches, and trash cans cater to pedestrian needs and help keep the sidewalk free from trash and clutter.
By eliminating many of the vertical posts on the curb side, building access is greatly improved. The modular structural system easily turns corners and adapts to avoid and protect lamp posts, trees and other street furniture.
All connections are made using cast aluminummagnesium alloy slip fittings. Smooth universal joints and recessed set screws eliminate the need for protruding edges and overlapping tabs.
The final competition board.

Design Team

Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Danny Orenstein, Sean Karns, Abigail Matthews, Ben Whitfield.


Momentum Engineering

JPDA's proposal for the re-imagination of New York City's ubiquitous sidewalk sheds is a lightweight, elegant structure which uses a hybrid fabric and steel frame to create a construction shed that is strong, economical and eco-friendly.