USA, New York, Bronx

- 2015
An industrial building is renovated to create a high performance Passive House tech office space.
Reception desk
Entry view at coffee bar
View from stair and performance space
Rooftop penthouse and patio
Multifunction space and stair to roof
Workstations and communal tables
Collaboration space under stairs
Exterior view to building entry
Exterior view to building entry

Design Team

Jordan Parnass

Chris Nelson

Dimitri Kim

Philip M. Weller

Mithila Poojari

John Baker

Lucie Tomastikova

Antonio Dellomo


Baukraft - Passive House Engineering

AMA Consulting Engineers - MEP Engineering

LPR Associates - Structural Engineering

The Bronx Tech Incubator will provide a mix of offices, open workstations and collaboration spaces for technology startups.  Encompassing over 23,000 square feet in a converted industrial building, the project will be designed to Passive House standards for building performance and energy efficiency.

Located in the Bronx's Foxhurst neighborhood, the Tech Incubator will bring jobs, access to working and social space, and a cafe to an underserved community removed from Manhattan's established Silicon Alleys.

The project will incorporate advanced design, detailing and construction methodologies to achieve Passive House certification for high indoor air quality and very low operational energy usage. As of project inception it will be the largest commercial Passive House project in the United States.