UK, Westminster, London

- 2007

Design Team

Sean Karns, Darrick Borowski, Randy Plemel


Primary Contractor: SAJO; Electrical: SES


David Churchill

The American Apparel Oxford Street store takes center stage on one of Europe’s busiest high streets. In taking over a previous fast food chain’s dingy digs, American Apparel and JPDA sought to add a bright new haven for the throngs of shoppers along Oxford Street.

A dazzling string of five multi-hued neon bands run the length of the storefront, forming the signage as well as serving as a beacon for all passersby. The storefront is glazed from floor to ceiling, opening the retail space onto the street and allowing for views from the sidewalk through to the back of the store.

Throughout the space, vestiges of the previous occupant have been given an updated twist. An octagonal stair anchors the front of the store and has been clad in glass, rubber, gelled fluorescents and supergraphics. Large central columns throughout the space have been enclosed in gridwall cages, defining them as fixtures as opposed to purely structural supports. The irregular nature of the space has been contrasted with a stripped tile pattern that runs throughout.