UK, London

- 2004
Balcony accented with original, oversized, polaroid-style photographs.
Stairs accented with original photography and tinted plexiglass.
Modular cube fixtures allow for easy modification of store layout.
Amateur and employee photography provide entertainment while customers try new duds.
Display cubes
Fitting room

Design Team

Darrick Borowski, Miguel McKelvey, Randy Plemel, Sean Karns


Sean Karns

American Apparel’s first London store is a breath of fresh air for Soho’s Carnaby Street, a dormant nexus of Sixties youth culture. Occupying three floors in historic Silver House, the store leverages a glass and steel stair to link the various merchandising zones to a showroom and offices above.

The illuminated glass facade serves as a linear sign for the store, inviting shoppers in with brightly lit supergraphics and photographic murals. Dark stained wood flooring is paired with a sealed concrete floor as a counterpoint to the crisp merchandising system and to highlight and foreground the colorful clothing.