Star Garment Innovation Center

Passive House is the Future. Now.

What is a Passive House? Passive House is a set of design principles and efficiency standards that strictly regulate the amount of energy a building can use. Up to 90% less energy will be needed for heating and cooling and 75% less energy use overall.

Components include:

  • Continuous insulation on all sides.
  • Air-tight construction. High performance windows and doors.
  • Constant filtered fresh air ventilation.
  • Energy recovery from exhaust air.
  • Careful detailing to eliminate “thermal bridge” energy leaks from design.

Our team will collaborate with you create a new high performance building, or dramatically upgrade the efficiency your existing building enclosure and mechanical systems. The results are a “Passive House” building design spec which reduces energy costs by 75% and creates luxurious quiet, comfortable interiors with unmatched air quality.