Boerum Hill House featured in Diana Lind's new book, Brooklyn Modern
posted on Wednesday, May 21st AT 06:58:26 PM

From the Rizzoli website:

Brooklyn Modern is the first book to explore the connection between Brooklyn’s astounding rebirth and its emerging architecture. As the new cultural heart of New York, Brooklyn has recently attracted many young people interested in creating their own sense of space, as well as in renovating brownstones and townhouses. The results are homes that express the optimism, resourcefulness, and experimentation of many of Brooklyn’s bohemian residents. Cutting-edge new public buildings have also enhanced the area’s cachet. Working with spatial and financial restraints, architects in Brooklyn have demonstrated deft solutions to urban living everywhere.


JPDA awarded bid to design The O2's latest concert venue in Dublin
posted on Thursday, April 10th AT 03:38:19 PM

JPDA completed designs for a bar, VIP lounge and branded entry concierge for European mobile giant O2's latest venture – a concert hall in Dublin, Ireland. All three defined areas will feel distinctly O2, as we've interpreted their signature "bubbles" in unexpected ways. The venue is housed in a repurposed building on the water in Northwall Quay. Scheduled to begin construction in October, the venue will open it's doors in December.


O2 Concept Store wins 3 A.R.E. Awards
posted on Friday, March 28th AT 01:05:24 PM

JPDA was presented with the following 2008 A.R.E. (Association for Retail Environment) Awards for The O2 Concept Store:

1) Fixture of the Year: Guru Bar
2) Store Fixture Award: Experience Tables
3) Special Recognition for Green Awareness


O2 Concept Store cover feature of VMSD Magazine
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Please see below for an except, or click to download the full pdf.

In November this year, Led Zeppelin will perform their eagerly awaited one-off reunion concert in London. The venue - The O2. Previously known as the Millenium Dome, The O2 is Europe's newest, state-of-the-art indoor venue for music, sport and entertainment, complete with a 20,000 seat arena, an 11-screen cinema, an imtimate music club, restaurants and bars. The venue is also home to the brand's largest concept store, designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture.


O2 Brand Experience at The O2 featured in GDR's Global Innovation Report
posted on Tuesday, October 9th AT 03:28:07 PM

The O2 Brand Experience and Concept Store at The O2, London, were featured in GDR's Global Innovation Report in October 2007. This publication is compiled exclusively for global consumer brands, highlighting the latest developments in retail and hospitality across the world.



Time Out New York reviews Melanie Crean's installation The Luminists which features exhibition design by JPDA
posted on Thursday, June 28th AT 01:23:39 PM

Writer Nuit Banai calls the piece "theoretically fascinating" and describes the "large, sound-wave-shaped lounging pad," where "visitors sit or lie down, enveloped by an acoustic narrative."


JPDA designed the newly-opened brand experience and concept store for mobile carrier O2 at London's The O2
posted on Sunday, June 24th AT 02:17:08 PM

The O2 Brand Experience and Concept Store open at London's The O2, on the site of the former Millennium Dome in Greenwich, UK. The collection of three interactive architectural installations welcome visitors and provides environments for making videos, listening to music, and chilling out. The concept store is an experiential showcase encouraging creative play and exploration by customers in a unique dynamic themed environment.


Julie Sinclair Eakin's new book Salons and Spas features the Oscar Bond Salon
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Julie Sinclair Eakin's new book Salons and Spas features the Oscar Bond Salon. Eakin writes:

"This sleek, industrial scene is a world apart from the traditional beauty parlor decor of decades past… The aesthetic of the relaxed yet composed reception area announces the material mixture of heavy and bouyant, raw and refined, that is continued throughout." (p.136)

Oscar Bond Salon is a collaboration with Mesh Architectures.


The December 12-26, 2002 issue of Time Out New York features the JPDA/Melanie Crean collaboration Oculus
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The December 12-26, 2002 issue of Time Out New York features the JPDA / Melanie Crean collaboration Oculus. Writer Angela Gunn reports:

"Here in the city, kids are sprawling on the floor at Grand Central Terminal to gaze up as ... flocks of doves fly through an opening in the ceiling of the main concourse. Who needs nature – or hallucinogens – when you've got technology?" (p.253)

JPDA worked closely with New York-based projection experts Scharff Wiesberg who provided the installation's unique bleeding-edge Catalyst projection system. Peter Scharff reflects, "this kind of light show wasn't possible a year ago." Gunn comments:

"Oculus... looks less like a video installation than a painting."


The March 2002 issue of Architectural Record magazine features a profile of JPDA
posted on Friday, March 1st AT 02:02:33 PM

The March issue of Architectural Record magazine features a profile of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, and images from Remote Lounge, Fusebox, and Oscar Bond Salon.

Read the article "Building Virtual and Actual Spaces" here

The website also includes an interview with Jordan Parnass, conducted by Senior Editor Deborah Snoonian. Read it here.