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New York City DDC Selects JPDA for Design & Construction Excellence Contract
posted on Tuesday, October 18th AT 04:32:38 PM

The City of New York relies on the Department of Design and Construction to oversee the vast majority of civic architecture and construction for its agency projects.

Through an extremely competitive application and vetting process, the DDC selects and awards contracts to a small number of firms to perform this work as part of its Design and Construction Excellence program.

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture is honored to have been chosen as one of the the designated firms that will participate in these projects for the next 36-48 months.

the DDC believe one of the cornerstones of design and construction excellence is the use of Quality-Based Selection to hire architects and construction managers. World-renowned and emerging consultants – including many minority and women-owned firms – are hired to design efficient, contemporary, and visually-engaging civic structures based on their qualifications and experience. The architects working for DDC are responsible for designing many of the City's most prominent public buildings.