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On location with HGTV and JPDA
posted on Saturday, March 2nd AT 05:14:40 PM

Space was tight in the East Village Studio yesterday afternoon when HGTV brought their film crew in to shoot for their upcoming series "Extreme Small Spaces."  The series will feature our work as well as other innovative small footprint living spaces.  

We've seen quite a bit of interest of late in micro-units and small space living.  One might expect this to be a preoccupation in large, dense, urban areas like New York where negotiating small apts is a right of passage.  Interesting to see it being covered in mainstream media outlets like HGTV.  Is it simply out of curiosity into an exotic way of life?  Or could a truly sustainable idea like living small be of interest to folks outside of our metropolises?  What are the chances of microapartments taking hold in Atlanta or Des Moines?