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JPDA's Darrick Borowski to Deliver Talk on Cities, Urban Farming and Algorithmic Design
posted on Wednesday, October 17th AT 04:58:08 PM

JPDA Creative Director, Darrick Borowski, and colleagues from the Architectural Association, London, will be presenting their ongoing research ‘Edible Infrastructures: Emergent Organizational Patterns For a Productive City’ at ACADIA 2012: Synthetic Digital Ecologies this Sunday, Oct 21 at CCA in San Francisco.

Their research, Edible Infrastructures, is an investigation into new modes of urbanism which consider food systems as integral and generative components of a city’s metabolic infrastructure. Using algorithms as design tools they pose the question “What might the city look like if it were organized around the production and distribution of food?”

Other notable speakers at this year’s ACADIA conference include Greg Lynn, Neri Oxman, Saul Griffith, Achim Menges and Manuel DeLanda.

Find more images, animations and a synopsis (or the full text) of the book-in-progress at the project website: and follow along on our ACADIA conference updates on twitter: @edibleinfra or on Facebook.