The O2 Indigo Lounge, Dublin

Uniquely sophisticated, playful and elegant hospitality spaces.

We help hospitality clients generate buzz by creating uniquely sophisticated, playful and elegant spaces for bars, lounges, restaurants and hotels.

For each project we propose dynamic, interactive programs and environments which maximize exposure and talkability, while ensuring that the core values of customer service, comfort and operability are both maintained and reinforced.

Our creative process is built upon a thorough investigation of your company’s target audience, brand positioning and long term goals, including franchising and possible spinoffs. The final product always emphasizes user experience, brand appropriateness, rapid deployment, and cost efficiency.

Eco-friendly choices are seamlessly integrated throughout each phase, including material and finish selection, building systems design, construction sequencing, and in-house LEED administration.

Please email or call (+1) 718.852.2650 to learn how we can produce innovative solutions to help your next hospitality project stand out from the crowd.