Harley-Davidson Dealership Prototype

Build a Harley-Davidson Dealership Worthy of the Legend

We understand why people choose Harley-Davidson. We'll strive to infuse that passion and rebellious spirit into the design of your dealership, maximizing sales by ensuring the whole experience reinforces the promise that Harley is known for… 'fulfilling dreams'. We'll work with you to design a unique dealership environments that helps you stand apart and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Today’s challenging retail climate demands fresh, creative thinking to attract and retain customers. That why each of our projects is thoughtfully designed and managed to ensure the greatest return in aesthetics, operational efficiency, and customer loyalty. JPDA's extensive experience at the crossroads of Architecture and Branding/Experience Design means we deliver unconventional solutions to your retail design needs. We offer turnkey service from market research and location scouting, through store and fixture design, to merchandising and multi-store regional and international roll-outs. Email us (info@jpda.net) or call (+1) 718.852.2650 to learn more about how we can work with you to take advantage of today’s unique opportunities to maximize growth for the long term.