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Case Studies


Branded Environments

JPDA’s holistic design approach connects brands to their audiences through immersive environments. A multidisciplinary approach allows us to craft total experiences, from sculpting the architectural space to user interface design. Beginning with an in-depth analysis of the brand, we look at existing vocabulary as well as potential opportunities. The product is always an engaging and memorable brand experience.


JPDA designs unique work spaces tailored to the individual needs, desires and aspirations of our commercial clients.  Whether your company is expanding, relocating or just starting out, our designers can help ensure that your office environment is both beautiful and practical, a tailored fit that reflects your corporate identity while maximizing productivity and efficiency. 


JPDA helps clients generate buzz by creating uniquely sophisticated, playful and elegant hospitality spaces.  JPDA creates customer-centric experiences that touch audiences with authentic, innovating and memorable interactions.  For each project we propose dynamic programs and scenarios which maximize exposure and talkability, while ensuring that the core values of customer service, comfort and operability are both maintained and reinforced.

General Retail

JPDA designs unique shopping environments to help retailers stand apart from their competition and deliver and unparalleled customer experience.  Today's challenging retail climate demands fresh, creative thinking to attract and retain shoppers.  We help clients make key strategic investments which create and capitalize on opportunities to improve the overall shopping experience, while ensuring the greatest return in aesthetics, operational efficiency and customer talkability.

Fashion Retail

Our extensive knowledge of the international real estate market, as well as our experience with branding and retail design means we can develop unconventional and hybrid solutions. We leverage the best of a client’s existing assets while always preparing for future growth. These solutions can incorporate a range of approaches including visual merchandising, fixturedesign, finishes and lighting design, in-store communications and architectural re-branding.

Telecom Retail

We work with telecom retailers, helping them make key strategic investments which create and capitalize on opportunities to improve their shopping experiences.  Our turnkey service encompasses brand and segment analysis, market research, location scouting, lease negotiation, construction administration, fixturing and merchandising.  Every project is thoughtfully designed and managed to ensure the greatest return in beauty, operational efficiency, and customer talkability.

Harley-Davidson Dealership Design

JPDA’s design professionals will create a memorable, efficient and flexible design for your dealership that champions your products and evokes the power of the Harley legacy. New dealership buildings become immediate landmarks.  Existing dealerships benefit from budget-smart renovation strategies and innovative display concepts so you can provide an exceptional customer experience.